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How to have real-time information on the performance of your company’s branch, warehouse and physical infrastructure security systems?

Evaluate all your equipment and system performance metrics in one place: no matter how many locations you have, our solution helps you consolidate all performance metrics in a single, attractive dashboard; it combines equipment performance and compliance with operating procedures and provides you with a clear view of the metrics for each site, allowing you to define preventive and corrective actions to ensure that everything is operating according to predefined requirements.


Different types of customers have different risk levels. With our solution, identify and visualize the risk gaps of your customers’ operations in real time.

Our solution offers performance metrics for security systems, in a unique and complete dashboard. The more you know about your clients’ security system’s performance, the better and more personalized the experience that you create for their security systems will be.


Remotely monitor hard-to-reach sites that require immediate and intelligent response to potential events.

Our solution introduces powerful deterrents driven by intelligent, independent assessment of potential events and non-lethal on-site responses.

It provides relevant information on authorized access, power consumption, fuel level, CCTV systems and vertical space, climate, temperature, vibration and operation of security systems.



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